It has been estimated the English language includes roughly 1 million words.

There are only 26 letters of the alphabet.


According to one report released in 2011, 623,162,727 songs have been produced. indicates there are 765,567,328,908,654 songs in the world.

All music is composed from only 12 notes.


Reports indicate that we see about 10 million colors, and somehow 16 million are used through our computer interfaces alone.

There are only 3 primary colors.



Every year about 1,000 new words are added to the English language.

It has been estimated that a new song is produced every 2 minutes.

Every paint company changes up its color palette annually without ever running out of options.

And there’s no sign of any of it stopping anytime soon. These are staggering facts.

How is it that so much can come out of such a small cluster of identifiable components?

Mind blown.



And then there’s YOU.

You are so much more than 26 letters, 8 notes or 3 primary colors. The person you see in the mirror has the ability to create and do and become so much in 1 lifetime if you just understood your unlimited potential.

In fact, every movement, every thought, every choice you make causes a wave of energy that changes the way the world is shaped, moment by moment. That’s how powerful you are.

When we don’t understand this fundamental concept, we waste so much of our potential.


You’ve come to a place where you’re already doing something with your life in some capacity. How did you get there? And more importantly, is it where you want to be?

Think back to just 10 years ago. What’s changed? Was this change a direct result of your effort or were you merely slapping back tennis balls that were coming at you hard?

Your answer affects how you see your success or lack of it. Why it matters is that depending which side of the fence you’re on, your success can accelerate or diminish10x, or even 100x faster when you become aware of your infinite potential.


Take the example of how you parent your kids.

(if you don’t have kids, think about your own childhood growing up)

Examine these questions.

How often do you tell them not to do something?

How often do you tell them what to do?

How often do you tell them how to do something?

How often do you let them do something the way they want to?

How often do you encourage them to do something the way they want to do it?


The difference in developing their confidence, which affects their ability, is drastic depending on how you approach it. The list of questions above is identified in order of most common to least commonly applied. This is a script that needs to flip if we are to develop tomorrow’s great thinkers.

Even more significant is how you apply these questions when you approach what you do moment to moment. The degree of finding courage or empowering your choices grows exponentially when you proceed with purpose and significance. You’re more likely to find those when you embrace your Infinite Potential.

You would be having a different conversation with yourself. Your productivity, your energy, your enthusiasm would skyrocket. And so would the results you generate.



In my travels, I come across so many people that dismiss their Infinite Potential because of their current understanding (if they even have one) of its concept.

One common concept I hear a lot is that Infinite Potential means you are able to do anything you want with ease and without repercussion. In other words, you would be able to have anything you want, without much effort and do it with immunity. That’s really a foolish man’s game. So they don’t follow this concept because they don’t believe it.

Another concept is that Infinite Potential feels so distant to the individual, they can’t even conceptualize it to be within their grasp. To them, it’s the equivalent of existing on another plain or being in another world. For this person, the disconnect is real making the concept difficult to grab hold of.

My favorite and perhaps the one that is most common and most painful to bear is the one where a person has a genuine desire to do something amazing with their life, but can’t see their way past their current circumstances. These are often hard-working, responsible people trying to do the right thing. They have given up a part of themselves to get to where they are. They’ve paid a price. Now, it’s a lot to even consider doing anything different.

Uuuugghhh, I can feel the life sucking out of me just reading that last one. It’s where I lived for a very long time until my life broke to show me that there is a different way.


I watched Stephen Colbert interviewed by Neil deGrasse Tyson the other day on his show StarTalk. They were talking about space travel. Stephen said ‘I still believe that the most exciting way to light a candle in the mind of a child is to say ‘see all of that out there? It’s for all of us to discover. We can go do it.’ That is a tangible frontier for us. I mean, I’m totally hooked into that hopeful vision of the future. I’m still with the ‘we do not choose to do this and the other things because they are easy, but because they are hard’. The harder it is, the more valuable it will be to do.  The better. The more we have to do them.’



Right you are Steven. And like those bold journeys into space, we have our own bold journeys to traverse into our Infinite Potential. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s the most valuable thing you must do.

Stop looking to justify any shortcomings in your life. Instead, Keep Looking Up as Neil DeGrasse Tyson says when he signs off his program.

There’s more for you out there and around you than you have been able to see. It’s begging you to explore it. As scientists and explorers do, so must you ignite your curiosity and set out on a journey of discovery to cultivate the Infinite Potential within you.

Infinite Potential is not about doing anything you want. It’s not about having the biggest bank account. And it’s not reserved for the few that make it to the mountaintop. Your Infinite Potential is about you figuring out what you are meant for and becoming the best version of that with the time you have. I call this Success Alignment®.

The potential available to you when you get on this path is infinite. The choices you make will become more obvious as you understand what is required of you. What you do, where you go and how you process your place in the world becomes a powerful expression of what you become capable of.

And that has Infinite Potential.




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