So much to do and so little time.


If you’re an entrepreneur on the Expert’s path, there will come a time when the juice has run out of your dream. It was fun when you started, but now you’re in the thick of it and it’s more work than it is fun.


This follows along a common cycle we all experience after starting something we were once enthusiastic about. Once you get going, you realize there’s actual work involved. And like most businesses, especially through their startup phase, it’s more than you bargained for.


How do you know when you’ve hit this plateau? It’s likely obvious, but you may not want to admit it.


Maybe you look for ways to avoid tasks that need to get done. Maybe you stop taking essential meetings to drive things forward. Maybe you tell yourself your busy enough just trying to keep pace.


Whatever your case, there are several symptoms that present themselves when you find yourself in this situation.


  • You’re just not as enthusiastic as you used to be.
  • You don’t quite look forward to starting your workday.
  • Coming up with ideas or solutions has become a task.
  • Your sales may be suffering.
  • You become more demanding of others.
  • You minimize meetings and events because you want to avoid people.
  • Your goals alone are no longer enough to get you going.



This can happen to the best-intentioned Influencer. The best thing that can happen for you is to recognize that this is happening to you. Once you do, it puts the control right back in your hands because now you can do something about it.



If you’re wondering if this is happening to you, there are a number of ways you could look at your circumstances. Try these on for size.


  1. Have you bitten off more than you can chew?

When you start out, you’re energized. You can’t wait to get going each day. You are making progress and it feels good. You’ve taken the leap and are now swimming in the waters of your chosen work. You see the potential. You see what others are doing. And you want some of that.

I’ve seen clients in this situation where they have their sights on the big picture. That’s a good thing. Then something interesting happens. They start to do things they think a $1 million company does when they haven’t yet broken through 6 figures. That’s a trap many Experts find themselves in.


  1. Did you build in too much flexibility?

One of the reasons I wanted to be an entrepreneur was to have freedom. It’s a deep value of many entrepreneurs. I revel in having the freedom to build out my own schedule. However, if you don’t have the discipline it takes to do the work required, you can get yourself into all kinds of problems.

Recently, I was trying to set up a meeting with a client. He couldn’t commit to a specific day because he wasn’t sure when he was going to travel to another state. He made a comment that struck me. He said, ‘You don’t have this problem when you book a flight.’ True that. When it’s important enough, it becomes the important thing that gets handled.


  1. Are you focused on the wrong things?

There’s no question that Experts, Influencers and Thought Leaders wear a lot of hats, particularly when starting out. The best advice I ever heard on this topic is to ‘keep the main thing the main thing.’

That means you need to know what you’re current, mid and long-term goals are. You need to identify the priorities and be clear about what needs to be done. Plus you have to become a master at balancing your time. I love reading and do quite a bit to evolve my work, however, I can get lost in it and spend more time there than I should.



To revive your ‘get up and go’ enthusiasm, it can take a little more than a simple acknowledgment. Which is why I put together a few ideas that I have used to help clients reset their energy and their focus. If you want to know what they are, you can download this Success Advantage Guide here,









When you can step back to look at your situation, you get to decide if where you are is ok with you. You get to determine if this is how you want to operate. Can you afford to keep going like this? It’s a powerful moment that allows you to regroup so you can get back on track and re-ignite the passion that got you going in the first place.


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