I just returned from a 3-day intensive retreat in LA investing in my Self and my business growth. I do this a few times a year. I will go to a live event, often with people I have never met or do not know. I choose to go on my own because it makes me available to the fullness of the experience.


What I’ve learned and have embraced is that when I show up for my Self, I have more to give to my clients and that’s important to me. My clients and their success is very important to me. This is one way that I get to nurture and honor that aspect of who I am. When I get to serve from that place, I receive tremendous results and guess what, so do my clients.


It takes a real commitment to attend events. You literally have to re-arrange your life to be there. In this case, I …

  • travelled 15 hours, 2576.81 miles and crossed the border to get there
  • invested 5 days, including giving up a weekend, plus 1 day to bring myself back into my work space and flow
  • re-arranged all appointments to free up those days
  • engage my neighbors to help me with our garbage day and mail delivery
  • had to get the people in my life on board and fill in for me on certain things
  • subjected myself to the equivalent of ‘homework’ prior to attending the event, which was another commitment of time
  • like any vacation, you have to catch up on your work before and after, manage your food inventory so you leave things at minimal waste, make sure the grass, bills and cleaning are handled
  • made a large financial investment in the event itself, travel and meal costs


I don’t have kids at home, but many of the people at the event did, which can be a really big job to get handled. Sometimes you have to help the people in your life to survive while you’re gone. Ladies you know what I’m talking about.


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It’s a lot of work.

And I will do it again.



Because it feeds me. It keeps me focused on my purpose. It inspires new ideas in me. It allows me to see things I had not realized before. It gives me an opportunity to share ideas that I might be able to share otherwise. It stretches me to new heights. It puts me in the presence of other powerful leaders sharing in the same purpose. I get to be respected by my peers and revel in their brilliance, making many great new connections. I learn new things and I’m reminded of things I need to remember. I’m re-energized and refreshed about my business when I return.


I walk away better than when I got there. And that’s the point. Yes, you learn things at events. The bigger take away is your level of growth and that, you get to keep forever. Like working with a great coach, a good event is food for the mind and soul. And you get to bring this back into your work.


Here are my Top 3 shares from this event,

  1. 93% of communication is non-verbal. How you show up says a lot more than the words you use.
  1. You need to fill your own cup first and serve from the overflow.
  1. Nobody can do it alone. You cannot see your own eyebrows.


I’ve boiled the lessons down into very succinct statements. Each one is profound and life altering if you take the time to sit with it. This is where the work begins.


You have to do your work. You’ll hear me say that a lot. I cannot say it enough. It’s where you develop your Self to get to the level of success you want to have.


Show up for your life, for what you want, for what you stand for. Regularly engage in the things that will feed that in you.  Using this principle as a force in your life, will take you to heights you may have yet imagined.




PS    You also risk meeting some fantastic people at events like Christine Hazen Molina of Heartfelt Workforce & Lifeforce.  She’s running a daily morning meditation called ‘Fill Your Cup’ to get you going for the day.  It’s a 7-10 minute morning mediation to move you into your day with grace and ease.  Here’s how you can get connected,



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