When you think of restriction, it usually conjures up a negative feeling. You don’t want to be told you ‘can’t’. The child in you shows its pouty side, arms crossed and huffy.


In fact, you may want to stop reading this article because you don’t even want to dive into the topic. But the reason I wrote it is to give you a different perspective that will have you wanting to use it as a tool to get you what you want.


We don’t think of restriction as something we want. It’s not fun. It seems to take away something from us without our consent. It feels like someone is imparting a demand on us that we don’t agree with.


While this may be the case and your reality in many situations, I want to invite you to consider using restriction as a powerful tool that will help you to achieve goals faster [TWEET] than you have known to date. Let me explain.



You likely have dreams for yourself. Maybe, you’ve had them for a long time. If it’s still a dream, it means one thing – you haven’t realized it yet. [TWEET] The question then becomes, ‘what are you doing about it?’.


If you haven’t moved past dreaming, why not?


If you have been working on it and getting results, awesome. This tool will contribute to your efforts.


If you have been working on it and not getting the results you want, this tool will set you up to win.


You see, in this busy, noisy world it’s easy to become confused. So much is pulling at your attention. The world around you is telling you what your life should look like. So many promises are falsely giving you hope for a quick shot at success, or worse – fame. It all seems enticing, even probable.


With so many appealing promises, it’s easy to get lost in fantasy and lose sight of what you truly desire. [TWEET]


Getting clear and certain about what you want is the key to creating meaningful success. Only then, should you adopt strategies to build your path to success. When you define a compelling vision for your life, you will understand how restriction is not only a powerful tool, it’s a necessity, and you will welcome it.


These are some of the ways restriction is used by Experts to reach levels of achievement they feel amazing about, in other words – they reach SUCCESS. Follow these practices and you are well on your way to having your dream.


restrict distractions in exchange for focus


restrict mindless eating in exchange for nourishment


restrict criticizing in exchange for positive solutions


restrict placing your energy into a job that drains you in exchange for finding your life’s work


restrict your association with people that keep you down in exchange for mentors and peers that share your vision


restrict useless spending in exchange for investing in things that elevate your life and your lifestyle


restrict the idea that your limitations are the end of the line in exchange for knowing where to begin


restrict excessively ‘treating’ yourself with meaningless rewards in exchange for investing in yourself


restrict robotically cycling through your days in exchange for living your days on purpose, with purpose


restrict your mind chatter that would have you believe you are not capable or worthy of having what you want in exchange for caring enough about yourself to have the bountiful life that is waiting for you when you fully show up




Using resistance purposefully puts you in the driver’s seat. It’s an expression of discipline. Discipline helps you to focus on what you really want to achieve.


When you have that level of discipline, you gain freedom. Freedom to do what you want to be doing. Freedom to give your loved ones comfort and protection. Freedom to be yourself.


When you have that level of freedom, you get to choose. Choose the life you want to create. Choose how you’re going to create it. Choose what you will or will not tolerate. Choose who you are becoming. You have gained autonomy.


When you gain autonomy, you understand fulfillment. It’s not just about the work you do. It’s not just about who you hang around with. It’s not just about being able to go on your dream vacations or buy the car you always wanted. Living with fulfillment is the ability to enjoy and appreciate every step along the journey and having the satisfaction knowing you did it your way. [TWEET]


When you have fulfillment, life is sweet. Life is abundant. Life provides. Life is exciting. When you live with fulfillment, you have no regrets.






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