What You Will Do When Time Is Finite


I did something unusual the other day. I found myself sitting outside, wrapped in blankets to have my morning coffee. It was 50 degrees F outside. What would make me do such a ridiculous thing? On a normal day, that would never happen.


While this day looked like a normal day, it wasn’t. There was only 1 thing different about it. On this day, I was keenly aware that I only had so many days left here before I had to return home where the temperatures would be near the freezing mark for the next several months. So, I wanted to make the most of what I had.


Sound familiar?


Talk about how we will do radical things when we know it will soon be over. We want to capitalize or squeeze as much as we can out of an experience we enjoy.


Think about it. You probably do this all the time.

Saving the red Smarties for last.

Taking one final look at the beach at the end of a vacation.

Or watching your baby sleep.


While we can snap images to remind us, it’s not the same as the moment itself when all of your senses are engaged. In those precise moments, time slows down. In those precise moments, there is nothing else on your mind. In those precise moments, nothing interferes with the emotions you’re tapped into. And you try to hold onto it just a little bit longer because you know it will pass.


Then there are the times when life’s bigger moments hit us between the eyes and make us aware that we are in the midst of change.

You move away from a home and life you love.

Your child grows up – starts school, takes charge of their wardrobe, or gets married.

Or a loved one faces a serious illness or is perhaps nearing their end of life.


These moments trigger you at your core. The change they bring is inevitable. We want to hold onto the parts we love. It’s difficult. And we feel it. We know life will be different moving forward.


As I was having my coffee I began to think about how many times you find yourself saying ‘let me have just a few more moments’ before it will be the last.


How much more present do you become? How much more aware are you of the preciousness of what is that soon will pass. How much do you relish those moments? How much are you trying to drink it in with everything you’ve got?




That hit me so strongly. We don’t summon those feelings, they happen when our awareness is ignited. That made me think.




There is another way to have these precious moments. These are the moments we create on purpose. Success is like that. Success is created on purpose.

Wanting to have a better life for your family is a noble quest. People will change their citizenship on this hope.

Giving your kids a better education than you had.

Or creating a lifestyle that delivers the kind of freedom and fun you always imagined.


What if you looked at everything you do with the same level of investment that’s generated when you become aware of finite time? How would you approach your day differently? What difference would it make to the quality of work you produce? The depth of relationships you nurture? How would you feel getting up in the morning with that level of reverence for the time you get to spend this day?

Imagine how the quality of your engagement with life would shift radically. It’s probably safe to say that you would become a different person.



I’ve put together a list of questions you can ask yourself that will unearth some remarkable truths. These questions will challenge you, inspire you and move you to greater success.

They are found in the Success Advancement Guide #1703.

You can download it for free here,






You probably know someone that has gone through a serious surgery and come out the other end never taking their health for granted any longer.

You notice a tremendous shift in first-time parents as they change their worldview on what it means to love.

And I see this with my clients who adopt the Expert’s standard of moving their business forward.


I tell my clients all the time that the world is going to advance forward with or without you. What a shame it would be if you weren’t a part of it.



Stepping into success is an active choice that requires a shift in mindset, attitude and perspective. Learning to enjoy the journey is next level success. It’s why getting my clients into Success Alignment™ becomes such a rich experience. Not only do they actively participate in the creation of their success, they engage the best parts of themselves, learning to cherish the moments that matter.


Do the radical things you would do if these were the final moments. Treat every day as significant. What would you do?


If your way is not producing results, look at other ways. Reach out for guidance. Look to other Experts for mentorship. Just don’t let another day, another year slip by without turning the journey into a series of awe-inspiring moments you’ll want to hang onto.


But now you know better. You don’t need to hang on because when you’re in Success Alignment™ you understand that you continue to create and elevate and collect these precious moments ad infinitum. This has happened in my life and now I mentor others to develop it in theirs.


This is why I’m inviting you to work with me on your next level. We’ll spend a full day focused just on you and what you need to make this next year an absolute success.


Do you want to …

  • double your income?
  • create a new vision?
  • earn your first 6 figures?
  • establish your Expert status?


Getting into Success Alignment™ will give you the tools, the strategy and the confidence it takes. That’s my expertise. And I can’t wait for you to expand yours as you live the success you desire.


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You have what it takes to become an Expert or even an Influencer.

With the right vision, the right focus and the right activity, creating that change is inevitable. Learn more about creating this opportunity for yourself by clicking on this link and completing the form.



I can’t wait to meet the next group of Influencers.


Let’s go.


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