It’s time. I can feel it.  I’m taking things to the next level in my business.  Once I became clear this is what I was going to do, I knew I had to strap in for the ride.


Several months ago, I felt a new stirring in me.  The stirring was new, yet familiar.  I’m beginning to recognize the familiarity, even though it’s different each time.


I’m talking about success.  I’m talking about what it’s like when the whisper of success wanting to advance you to a whole new level comes calling.  Respond to it consciously and you are likely to find yourself in a higher level of success than you’ve known before.  Miss it or ignore it while you keep doing what you’re doing, your current level of success becomes either more difficult, more complicated or much less enjoyable than it used to be.  At least that’s how it’s been for me.


I’ve been in business as a coach and mentor to entrepreneurs, experts, influencers, thought leaders and speakers for many years now.  It’s only been the last 5 years that I have grown into becoming a Success Alignment®? Expert.  This is a proprietary system I developed and a brand of 3C FUSION which is now my trademark. Starting out, I didn’t know this is where I’d end up, but I learned to remain open to recognizing patterns and signs to point me in the right direction.




Sounds kind of charming when I state it like that, but there were many bumps and bruises, hills and valleys and the odd collision along the way.  All of it was gratifying.  None of it was easy.  So, as I’m being called to go to the next level in my work, I know it’s going to be a wild ride.


Once I embraced this new reality, I also braced for impact.  Not the kind that you make when doing great work in the world, the kind that smacks you right in the reality of growing in success.  If you’ve had any degree of success, you know what I’m talking about.


Every year, I take designated time for deep introspection and mix in time to develop my vision, write, create and plan.  I have the good fortune to head south to a tropical climate luxuriating amongst the palm trees and enjoying careless walks on the beach.


It’s not hard to feel motivated to pack for this trip.



I have an early morning start.  I won’t see daylight for a couple hours yet.  I loaded up the car the day before, so I only had my overnight bag to take with me in the wee hours of the morning.  The nights have already hit 0 temperatures, which makes my trip all the more enticing.


The water tank is set to vacation mode.  The thermostat has been lowered and set on hold.  Check the fridge one last time.  All clear.  Zip up my new lightweight, down jacket.




The zipper just split on me.  Arrrgghhh!!!


That’s 1.


I don’t have time to do anything about it.  I carefully unzip it.  Success. And I attempt to zip it up again. It worked.  Ok, keep going.


Five hours into my uneventful drive I reach the Canada / US border.  The line is not too bad.  I’ve crossed the border many times so I have an idea what to expect. But this guard, on this particular day begins asking me a lot of questions that I have never encountered before. I get pulled over for further questioning as they conduct a full inspection of my car.


That’s 2.


An hour and a half later, they hand me back my passport and say I can go.


The hood of my car is up.  The trunk is open.  I can see every box, bag and suitcase is open and has been rummaged through.  I don’t want to stop to fix it.  I just want to leave.  I get in the car and close the door.


I start the car.


I start the car.


I start the car.


The car won’t start.


That’s 3.


I cautiously get out of the car and make eye contact with a nearby guard.  I don’t approach, but tell him I can’t start the car. He asks me to step aside and give him my keys.  He gets behind the wheel and tries himself.  Sternly, he told me to get back inside the building and wait.  He said they would call (someone) for a boost.


I don’t question.  I don’t say anything.  I go inside.


With 21 more hours of travel ahead of me, I decide to get the battery checked and replaced if I need to.


That’s 4.


With the help of my GPS, I find a place to get my battery serviced.  They were great.  I ended up replacing the battery.  That was unexpected.  I can now confidently continue on my journey.  I’m much more relaxed now.  If it wasn’t for the wet snow that accompanied me for the rest of this day’s travel, the rest of the day went without incident.


Because of road delays and the time I lost on my first day, a trip that would normally take me 1 overnight stay turned into a 2-night adventure.  I’ve lost a lot of time.  Time is precious to me and I don’t like it when it gets away from me. Not only that, but this trip is now costing me more than I had planned for.  A lot more.


That’s 5.



I started to laugh.  There it is. I have proclaimed to step into the next phase of my success and look at how many things are popping up to challenge me. You might not think they’re related, but they are.  I’ve seen this happen too many times to ignore.  It happens not only to me but to so many of the clients I have worked with that have also agreed to claim a higher degree of success in their lives.


My saga continued this way for the next week and a half as I could feel both forced butting up against each other.  The force of success elevating me higher and the force of the universe (my calling, my purpose, life) testing me to see if I’m up for it.


These are just a few other things that came up.


I had to replace my TV cable box 3 times before a technician was sent out.  It would not work at all.  Two days later, I lost my internet connection.  A day after that, I lost my cable service.  I had to wait 2 days for the next technician to come out.  An hour after I recognized that not all services I was paying for were operational. I have to wait 1 more day to get that corrected.  That’s 3 technicians.


The place where I stay is being painted on the outside of the building.  It’s going to be beautiful.  But while I’m here, all of my windows have been covered up with plastic sheeting so I can’t enjoy the view, the palm trees or the sunny blue sky that I enjoy so much.  (Big sigh)


This is what I had to look at for the next week.


They have also sealed off my storage closet where I keep a lot of my supplies, so I now have to purchase everything I need.  Another unexpected cost.


The garbage disposal unit is not working.  I have to call in a plumber.


The master bedroom blind broke.  I have to get it replaced, which means I have to replace 2 other blinds at the same time. And since I’m already doing those, I might as well replace the old one in another room.


I discovered that a program I purchased to service a specific function doesn’t do what I need it to do.  I now have to find a different resource.  Another cost and time spent researching for a new solution.


Two packages I ordered tracked as having been delivered to my address, but they were nowhere to be found.  This wasted a lot of my time trying to find them.  They eventually showed up delivered to someone else’s address without my permission.



Are you seeing the picture here?  All of this happened in a little under 2 weeks.


I can’t wait to see what comes out of all this.  Instead of being furious, I’m excited. I’m excited because I now know that when I step into the next level of success, challenges show up.  They test you.  They taunt you.  They attempt to take you down.  But I’m not having it.



What I have learned, is the bigger your goal or the higher the level you’re reaching for, the greater the challenge(s) come your way.  That’s why I’m so excited.


I’m developing a new product that’s going to help a lot of people become more integrated with their dreams to succeed. I can’t wait to get it released.  My work is so much more powerful and effective than it was so many years ago when I first started.  I can’t wait to share this new product with you.  Stay connected with me to stay informed.  I want to support your efforts to succeed and get you into Success Alignment®? so that you too can enjoy the rewards that come from navigating your journey to success.



When you decide you’re going to the next level, take pause and keep these points in mind.


  1. Expect to be challenged.  Things are going to pop up that are going to seem like an inconvenience.  Handle the things that come up and stick with your goals. The challenges are going to have you question whether what you’re doing is worth it.  If you are pursuing work that is aligned with your purpose, it is absolutely worth it.


  1. Expect to be taxed.  Suddenly I had all of these unexpected expenses come up that I had not accounted for. This was at a time that I was in creation mode and not bringing in new revenue.  New unplanned expenses could add a lot of stress on your finances.  Do what you need to do to take care of the expenses and stay focused on your goals.  Eventually, you will rise above it.


  1. Expect to be delayed.  All of the roadblocks and challenges and distractions that show up when you decide to go to the next level are going to chew into your valuable time and tax your psyche.  Most of us don’t have the good fortune to have servants take care of our every need. There’s a lot you have to do on your own.  It’s frustrating.  But don’t succumb.  You have a mission to fulfill.  Staying the course is your way to show the opposing force that you mean business.



Do yourself a favor.  If you’re rising to your next level, make allowance for the unexpected. It’s a lot easier to work your way through the disturbances if you know they are there to test you.  You have more power than those disturbances.  You have a bigger vision for your life than any disturbance can distract you from.


Show them who’s boss.  Show them you can handle it and do it.  Keep voting for your dreams.


Josie Tytus mentors Experts, Influencers and Thought Leaders to Live Your Legacy™ by turning your Vision into your Footprint.  She is a Success Alignment®? Expert, Two-Time Best-Selling Author and Founder of 3C FUSION.


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