How often have you heard an inspiring leader reference follow your passion?

If you’re around the successful leaders I get to meet, you’ll hear it a lot.


They understand something that the average person doesn’t get. Passion is not arbitrarily following an idea without validating it’s potential. In fact, those with a passion that leads to success understand the idea’s potential and work within current and future economic conditions to bring it to life.


Those who have found success by following their passions are not married to the “idea” they might initially propose, but rather they are inspired by the change in the quality of life an idea provides. That idea might be a product or item. It could be a service or a concept. Whichever commodity you work in, having a passion for the potential contribution it makes in people’s lives is what will sustain you and excite your potential customers.


A 2014 study on employee engagement showed that 88% of employees have ‘0’ passion for their work. A whopping 80% of senior managers are in the same boat. Is it any wonder that employee DIS-engagement costs the US economy more than $500 billion dollars a year?



Now compare that with what researchers found about workers who feel a higher calling to their jobs. They are among the most content. One Global Report found that Entrepreneurs are the Happiest People On the Planet reporting higher levels of well-being and work-life balance. This was particularly prominent when the decision came by choice rather than necessity.



I am passionate about living with Passion. I always have been. It’s why in 2011 I became certified as a Passion Test Facilitator. I have experienced in my own life and witnessed the many clients that I have helped in this area, nothing short of remarkable the way in which passion can transform your life.


These are some of my findings of living and working with passion;

  • you’re twice as likely to start something new when it’s driven by passion – in other words, you’ll stop dreaming and you’ll start doing
  • you’re more likely to persevere through the tough spots, follow through and bring your efforts to a new conclusion
  • you have more fun along the way because you really enjoy what you’re doing
  • you attract better clients because people want to work with someone that is so invested in what they do, so long as you can convey the benefit to them
  • you attract a committed support team that understand your vision
  • you’re not as susceptible to negative or protective feedback from the people around you that are not going to be your clients – like well-meaning family and friends
  • you are more likely to become an Expert in your given area of work because you have a natural hunger and curiosity for knowledge about your topic. You yearn for it. You don’t get tired of it.
  • You work with purpose, finding significance in the work you do
  • You accomplish more because you fall into the zone where time becomes meaningless and what you’re engaged in has your full attention
  • You feel good about the work you’re doing, which directly impacts your degree of happiness
  • When you apply passion to your work and your life, everyone around you benefits



The naysayers on passion are the ones who are still stuck in the ‘working for the man’ industrial age mentality. They are busy trying to ‘make a buck’. They are not seeing the rapidly changing shift in the new economy where nearly half of American households today have someone in some capacity working from home, and that’s only going to increase.


We’ve seen enough evidence of entire industries collapsing with the advent of technology. We are now witnessing greater levels of automation than we have ever known.   That means that a multitude of jobs will no longer apply to a social insurance number in the near future.


A wave of employment exits is coming. It will start with the redundant positions, then middle management because they won’t have the staff to manage. And the corporate executive structure is going to have to re-invent itself and its operations.


Never has it been more important to take full responsibility for your career and your success. No longer will you be able to ‘depend’ on your corporate employment contract to support you through retirement. Being prepared with a plan and a direction is going to be your key to survival.


You’re going to have to make some very important decisions.


Think about it, the average person has 112 hrs of awake time in a week. In one week, over 50% of your awake time is involved in working, getting to work or recovering from work. For most of us, it feels like a lot more. That’s because when you factor out a typical two-day weekend, that number jumps to 91%. For many of, us it’s even higher.


Doesn’t turning your work into your life satisfaction sound inviting?


If you are not working on your life satisfaction with the 91% of your time invested in your work, what are you investing in?


The truthful answer is you’re either investing in a promise to ‘one-day’ get what you need if you stick it out long enough ( as mentioned above, those promises are loosely hanging on by a thread) or you’re investing in a belief that you don’t have a choice and that keeps you where you are. You’re not investing in your potential. You’re leaving it up to someone else to decide what you’re capable of. And that my friend, is where the majority reside.



And then there are those, who refuse to live that way. If you’re reading this, that’s you. You know there’s another way. You know you have a lot more to offer and you know that the ability to advance your income and your lifestyle lies in the palm of your hands, even if you don’t yet know the ‘how’ or the ‘what’. You can feel the desire stirring in you and you want to know how your life would be different if you just paid attention to it.


Passion boils down to an expression of life satisfaction and meaningful success.


Dr. Mani, a pediatric heart surgeon, beautifully expressed it this way in his article, Why Passion Is A Key Ingredient In Entrepreneurship And How To Identify Yours.

‘When you identify your passion and align it with whatever you’re doing, a magical synergy happens that will effortlessly carry you to rarefied heights. Work becomes joyous and pleasurable. Hours fly by, unnoticed. Tiredness and fatigue take the backseat as you power your way to greater achievements.’


Plugging into your passions is an ideal first step to recognizing potential within you. You have ideas. You have desires. You have frustrations. You see a better way. Your passions can lead you to discover the life you’ve yearned for.


It is possible.

It happened for me.

It can happen for you too.












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