Walk to Success


Dreaming, wishing, imagining, goal setting. We all do it. We’re encouraged to do it. It’s what all the success gurus tell us we need to do to have success. The things you think up are so exciting, they make you giddy. Just imagine how your world will change once you have that life. The cars, the houses, the vacations, the perfect lover, relaxing on the beach … oh my!


I call this stage of success your sitting posture. It’s really comfortable. It’s really easy to do. It hasn’t cost you a thing. You haven’t done anything yet. In this stage of success building, it’s just a fantasy. It’s not until you take it to the next level that your idea stands a chance of becoming real. The next stage requires you to get up and do something about it.


Taking that first physical step is the key that unlocks the dream.


Taking that first step could mean taking the weekend to clean up and organize your workspace.  Or it could mean finally registering the business you have always wanted. While it may be hard to get going, taking that first step is crucial to take you to the most important part. The next step.


It’s the second, the third, the fiftieth steps that are critical. Now you’re walking. Walking? You’d rather jet your way to success. Who wants to go 3 miles per hour when the average jet travels at 855 miles per hour. If you could get to success that much faster, why wouldn’t you do it? If you can hack your way to success you’ll get to bypass all those in between steps – thank you very much. It’s much better to have the trophy in hand now. Isn’t it?


When you attempt to jet or hack your way to success, there is so much you would miss out on that’s critical to building and sustaining success to become a recognized Expert.


When you walk your way to success, you get to meet the necessary nuances along the way that will provide you with what you need for lasting success. You’ll meet people that will help shape your character and your destiny. You’ll come across new pathways you may not have considered before. You’ll experience the joys and struggles that will make you wiser, feeling more alive, endowing you with premium expertise that commands a high price tag.


The real missed opportunity is under the illusion of fast.


In our fast-paced economy where we have access to jets all around us – instant communication, a wealth of knowledge, easy access to media with global reach – walking your way to success might seem like a step back in time. However, what you lose in speed, you gain in endurance, depth and substance. You acquire advantages called real-life experiences that are both priceless and timeless. Acquiring this degree of experience gives you the aptitude to think on your feet, stay grounded and focused as well as give you the flexibility it takes to succeed. These can only be amassed when you walk your way to success.



When you walk your way to success, you move at the speed of your consciousness, which is designed to operate in real time. This is where you want to develop your greatest vantage point.


It’s from this vantage point that you can assess circumstances objectively. From this vantage point you embed the intelligence you collect along the way. From this vantage point, you remain curious, humble, empathetic, hungry and connected. From this vantage point, you learn to become a strong leader. From this vantage point, you develop into an Expert worthy of being listened to, mentoring, teaching, and influencing others who want to and need to hear from you.


The power of walking your way to success has been buried under the illusion of our modern, fast-paced world of instant results. Yet it is available to anyone that recognizes its power and presence. Choose to walk your way to success and soon you will have the wherewithal to jog into certain areas that you are developing, and soon after that the capacity to run with ease, consciously. When these moments come, you will be very aware of them as they happen, in real time. This can only be true when you walk to success consciously.



There is a time and a place to sit. There is real value in taking that pause, reflecting at how it’s going, where you’ve been and where you’re headed. There is a place for planning the next step, the new direction or dreaming up something completely new. The key is to not get stuck here.


There is a time and a place to hop on a jet. There is real value in saving time that would otherwise be wasted. Jets have their place in the success journey. The key here is to not rely on jetting your way from moment to moment because you will miss out on the deeper level of evolving yourself as an Expert. You’ll miss the parts that give you substance, therefore, higher value.


Walking is the way.


It’s in the walking that you get to transform dreams or shift gears when you need to. It’s in the walking that you get to make your mark that makes a difference. It’s in the walking that you develop the expertise required to make you the best at what you do. This is how you leave your footprint in the sand.


Walking your way to success is a journey. Walking to success gives you the ability to be present enough to mark the moments of growth and victory. At the speed of Consciousness, you get to celebrate and enjoy key moments along the way. As you adopt this way of achievement, the way becomes the achievement. Success becomes a way of life.


Walk your way to success.

Walk with purpose . . .






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