This is the exact question to ask yourself when you want to affect better results in your business or your life.


These two simple words are so unassuming and yet so powerful. The simple act of engaging them begins the process of change and transformation to your status quo.




WHAT IF? helps you to let loose on your dreams.

WHAT IF? knocks down the barriers that keep you from ever taking a step forward.

WHAT IF? gives you permission to go beyond your everyday boundaries.

Playing in the WHAT IF? zone, reminds you of what’s possible, of what you want, of what’s missing.



It won’t be long before you hit the end of this year. You’re going to be reminded about checking on your success and accomplishments for the year. You are either going to be impressed or disappointed. The category you fall into will be determined in how you played WHAT IF? at the beginning of the year.


And here we are just a few months before wrapping up this year. This is the perfect time to consider what that’s going to look like. Take the time now to reflect, even journal about what this year has been for you so far. Include what you wanted to accomplish at the start of the year. Remember what it was that you had hoped to do.


For now, take the judgment out of the equation so that you can get brutally honest with yourself.


What were you hoping to accomplish this year? Thinking back to your goals, your dreams, your aspirations at the beginning of the year, how close are you to achieving them? What steps did you take? What did you not do? What did you think you were going to start, but never did? What did you start, but let slip away? Did you even have any aspirations? Why or why not?


Go ahead and spend some time doing this now or at least schedule an hour this week to come back to do this exercise.


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Ok, I know it will stir up some feelings in you that may get uncomfortable. That’s to be expected. But bear with me because I want you to take this just one step further.


With everything you uncovered on the page in front of you, play the WHAT IF? game as though you had implemented the things that would have made a difference to your current results from the beginning of the year.


What if you got up one half hour earlier every day and invested in your Self?


What if you worked with that coach?


What if you lost that 20lbs?


What if you apologized to that friend?


What if you had started that blog?


What if you approached that potential client?


Give yourself the time to explore where those paths could have led you? How would the end of this year be different? I’d be willing to bet the answer would be A LOT.


Are these things still on your ‘WISH LIST’ now? Are they going to be on your WISH LIST at the end of this year?


Get them off your WISH LIST and put them on your DOING LIST. The best time to start working on your success and your growth is right NOW.



Pick something that you could do today, this week and don’t hold back. What would you start with? What could you put in place to make this easy for you to stick with? Do it with a friend? Have an accountability partner? Hire a coach?



Now just for fun, let’s go down the road one year from now. Let’s assume that you chose your thing, you put the necessary things in place to make sure you follow through. How has it changed your life? How has it changed your business? What’s different about you now?


What I know from having done this in my own life and helping so many clients work on their success is that you will have made an impact in every area of your life. Doing life at this level of satisfaction is, well … satisfying. Very, very satisfying.




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