We’re coming upon the spring season and you can literally feel it in the air. I just came back from my morning walk feeling refreshed and energized.

This is the weekend we change our clocks forward. I find it a really significant time for me, everything feels like it’s awakening; not only nature outside around us and the shifting of the seasons, but I feel more awakened myself.


I want to encourage you to utilize this time to implement a new habit for yourself.

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I’m going to use this weekend to get myself up an hour earlier every day.   I’m going to take advantage of that hour. It’s not that we gain an hour, because we don’t, but I will use the measurement of the hour for my new habit. So I will utilize the time change to change the time that I get up in the morning.

I spend my mornings nurturing myself in mind, body and in spirit. I want to expand on that time. Getting up an hour earlier is going to allow me to do that.


Male in Jeans-Dress Shoes On Skateboard (feet-hipster-longboard-skateboard (1920x1280)


What can you do for yourself? Something that you might have been putting off or wanting to do for a long time, but never got around to getting started?


Use markers like this. I’m using the example of the change of time, but you can use any marker. We typically do it at the start of the year, with the new year coming on, making resolutions. You don’t have to limit it to that.


Cherry Blossom (2560x1600)


Any time you want to add something new into your life, tie it around something that is impactful that you will remember. It becomes a marker for you. I guarantee you when that time comes around again the following year, you’re going to look back and see how far you’ve actually come.


This is my encouragement for you to consider what you might be able to implement for yourself with this time change with the onset of spring coming forward.





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