Several years ago, I gave up resolutions for a Power Word and it was amazing.  While resolutions often defeated me, a Power Word gave me strength when I needed it most. Unlike resolutions, that I abandoned usually within the first month of the year, my Power
Word stayed with me.  When I allowed my Power Word to direct and drive me throughout the year, my results accelerated far beyond my expectations.


Before we go on, I must first mention that words are energy. Words have energy.  We use them to express our thoughts, emotions and to communicate with others in an efficient way.  Without words, our progress would be slowed to a snail’s pace.  The words we use both express our ideas and influence them. In that regard, words are like breath. You take them in and you let them out. But unlike breath, you decide which words you allow in and which ones you use.


The best speakers, authors, and copywriters understand the use of just the right words to make an impact.  Words can influence and words can sway others to your point of view.  The right words can get you to do things you normally would not do.  Words can elevate or tear someone down (including yourself).  The power of words is immense.


Having a Power Word that you’ve chosen is a very powerful way to provide you direction, keep you inspired and give you focus.  I invite you to find your Power Word to set yourself up for a very Successful 2019.






When used consciously and on purpose, your Power Word is a very efficient way to help you achieve the success you want.  It’s the simplest way to provide motivation and give you the support you need moment to moment.


Your Power Word is like a guiding light that keeps you focused.  If you find yourself in a slump or can’t get yourself going, your Power Word will provide you the jump start you need.


Your Power Word always provides hope.  It won’t defeat you like a resolution.  You Power Word lifts you up and gives you the strength you need to keep going.  The right Power Word will pull you forward.


Your Power Word elevates your confidence.  Continuous exposure to your Power Word gives you an attitude adjustment of confidence.


Once you see yourself using the energy of your Power Word, you feel more accomplished. You feel like you can handle what’s in front of you.  You feel like you are capable and will flourish because you own your Power Word. It’s an upward spiral that doesn’t stop.






Simply stated, a Power Word is a single word or phrase, no more than 5 words, that influences your behavior toward a desired result.  This word is personal and meaningful to you.  No one can give you this word.  It must be chosen by you.


A distinction of a Power Word is that it represents character, not personality or value, not an outcome.  That means it does not have an endpoint but is continuous in a positive forward motion.


A Power Word is easily identifiable without having to add on adjectives or feel the need to explain it.  It stands alone.


A Power Word is more a way of being rather than a thing to do.





It’s not a goal.  A Power Word may be confused for a goal, but it is more of a principle or way of being than it is something you try to get.


It’s not pretending to be something you’re not.  In its purest form, a Power Word exemplifies the best of you.  It’s like giving yourself permission to reveal your best parts.


It’s not an excuse for not living into the potential of the Power Word.  It will work for you when you work it.  Don’t work it and you lose the power of its potential.





This is the part that breathes life into your word.


First, you must proclaim it.  That means you take ownership of this word.  For the entire upcoming year, this word leads and guides your every decision.


Once you proclaim it, you must make it your own.  To make it your own, you need to release its power by defining this word and its place in your life.  There are several ways you can do this.  An example is to journal about it until you discover how powerful word will be for you. Another way is to read as much as you can about this word until you feel completely inspired.


Once you are clear about what this word signifies to you, it is yours.  Now make the proclamation.






The entire reason you’ve adopted this word is so that it becomes a part of you. That takes practice.  Ideally a daily mindful practice.  These are a few simple ideas you can adopt.


Create a desktop wallpaper with your word front and center so that you see it every time you get on your computer.  After some time, you’ll get used to it and won’t see it anymore.  Take a brief moment to acknowledge it every time.  Don’t let it become, well, wallpaper.


Begin your day by meditating on your word for 5 minutes.  Use it as your mantra.  Use some of the imagery you captured when you first journaled about this word.  See yourself in action as you become this word.


Create a habit of beginning every new task by saying your word out loud.  Before you check email.  Before you jump into your project.  Before you begin writing.  Anytime you shift gears, say the word and breath it in.






Like most of us, you’ll start searching for your word.  You’ll run through a list of words either in your mind or you’ll jot them down.  It won’t be hard to come up with a list of 10 – 20 words.  Notice which words elicit a charge in you.  Pull each one toward you separately and mull it over and ask yourself these questions,


Does this word impact the areas of your life you want to see the greatest results in?


If you apply this word to your circumstances, will it take you where you want to go?


By using this word, do you become more of the person you want to be?


At the end of the year, will you feel accomplished or have regrets being led by this word?


That’s your litmus test for finding a Power Word.  If you have a few that are tied for your attention, just choose one you’ll be happy with.



Using a Power Word throughout the year is an exciting journey.  It will keep you moving forward and keep you on a targeted path. Your Power Word has the ability to give you the life you want.  It’s the fuel to your engine.  Once you ignite it, it will take you where you want to go.



Do you want a list of sample Power Words?

Download the list here,



Josie Tytus mentors Experts, Influencers and Thought Leaders to Live Your Legacy™ by turning your Vision into your Footprint.  She is a Success Alignment®? Expert, Two-Time Best-Selling Author and Founder of 3C FUSION.



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