A lot of people have been asking me,

‘What is 3C FUSION? What does that stand for?’


Well, it’s what I had come to discover as the three foundational elements that are necessary for you to have success. I’m not talking about little successes. I’m talking about life success. It’s what I discovered was missing for me after going through my own life crisis.


I came to realize that with these three things, you can create and do just about anything that you set yourself and your mind to.


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I refer to these three things as a formula. What I’m sharing with you here is a success formula. The formula is,




I like to spell success with 3 C’s to punctuate the significance of this formula.



A few years back, I wrote about this formula as a contributing author to a book I published with Lisa Sasevich. I spoke about those 3 C’s in the chapter I wrote, titled, ‘Nice To Finally Meet Me, Self Leadership – Your Greatest Resource For Success’. You can read about it in the book titled, Answering The Call.

The book became a #1 Best Seller in 6 different categories within a couple of days. It sold out so quickly; it was unbelievable. I knew this information was important to share. The level of interest in this topic astounded me. There’s a real need and hunger for it out in the world.


What I had come to discover is that when we have CLARITY, so many things fall into place for ourselves. We begin to know who it is that we are – that’s the type of clarity I’m talking about – knowing who you are, what you are meant for and having an unshakable understanding of that. Once you have that, you can begin to formulate that into your work in the world.


When you have that, you’ll be able to use your Conscious ability – that’s the CONSCIOUSNESS piece – to create projects, to have a business, to have a lifestyle that is significant and important to you, while you’re doing good work out in the world. You’ll have the Conscious ability to make the kind of decisions you’re going to need to make to create the impact that you want.


The CONFIDENCE piece comes in being able to put yourself out into the world because you know you are on purpose and making a difference with purpose.


Getting to optimal success is the combination of all three of these elements – that’s the FUSION piece. All three are necessary for you to have a life that’s fabulous and rewarding and significant and meaningful. You’ll be doing a lot of good by putting a lot of great energy out into the world making a difference for others and being abundantly rewarded for your efforts.


I’m going to share this piece that I wrote in the book that I recommend you contemplate,


CLARITY is of the spirit, it is something that you HAVE,

CONSCIOUSNESS is of the mind, it is who you are BEING,

CONFIDENCE is of the body, it is what you DO.


All three of these are necessary and required for you to have an awesome life, a successful life and especially for those of you who are on the Expert’s path with me, these are three pieces that you really need to incorporate into everything that you do.


What does it mean to you to have the success you want? Share your comment just below the blog post.





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