“An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by some outside force.”


Newton’s First Law of Motion.  It’s also known as the law of inertia or the law of momentum.

When it comes to success, being at rest could look like having the same year over and over again. You may have the desire to take things to the next level. It just never happens.

How do you know if that’s you?

Look at your resolutions. Look at your big goals. How many years in a row do the same ones end up on your list? Consider how many years you’ve been holding onto the same dreams. That’s an object being at rest because while time is moving forward, the object is going nowhere.

Putting the object into motion takes an active force or energy to put it there. It’s the most important part. And perhaps the hardest one to achieve.   You are that active force.



The trajectory of your life will change by a single choice. The tiniest change can cause a major shift down the road, much like the flutter of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil setting off a tornado in Texas.

All decisions acted upon cause change. It doesn’t have to be a major decision. It doesn’t have to be the ‘be all and end all’ of every choice you’ve ever made. It just has to be a decision that’s going to make a difference.

What you’re aiming for is to align the choice with your success. Just one small decision moves your life in a whole new direction.



By this example, when you continue to do the same things over and over again, they take you forward, but only in the same direction as indicated by the lower gray arrow. In this case, you end up with more of the same things you’ve had. No more. No less. Sometimes the only forward movement is the passing of time. This is why so many people live the same year 20 times over.

Now, add a new choice to the mix and everything changes. The decision to go for a promotion or ask for a raise, that’s a 1% shift as shown by the brown arrow. It might feel like a big deal to you in the grand scheme of things. Yet it’s only a minor shift. Even a tiny shift makes a difference. That path leads you in a different direction.

Follow that shift over 10 years, and you can see that it takes you to a completely different location than you would have been had you stayed stagnant (by following the gray arrow).

The impact is huge. It affects the very life you are living. The results you have are as a result of those choices.

Now consider starting the business you’ve always wanted. In your mind, that’s a really big deal. If you start something on the side, that would be a 10% shift. As you move into your business on a full-time basis, that would be a 50% shift. Notice the difference in the trajectory.



It’s important to discern the difference. This simple example will help you to recognize the impact of the decision you’re making – none at all or making a really big difference to the life you lead.

Note, one is not better than the other. However, there is a distinction between someone aligned with success and the person following cultural constructs just to make a living.

Someone that is currently in Success Alignment™ – fulfilling their purpose, utilizing their gifts, providing distinguishable value to society, and earning a great income as a result – could be represented as the lower gray line. This person is actualizing his potential, he is in alignment with success, he is making a difference while having an amazing life as a result of his success.

Alternatively, an individual that has a Masters successfully operating in his field may also be on the gray line trajectory. But this person feels frustrated knowing it is not the work he wants to be in. He feels trapped by his education and carries the weight of his investment of time and money already dedicated to attain his current status. So he continues along this path, all the while his true desire is to be elsewhere.

Can you feel the difference?


Both examples are following the same trajectory, but with very different results.

You might say both are successful and you would be right in a monetary sense. However, while one is feeling fulfilled, the other is questioning his choices.

Do you recognize yourself in these scenarios?

If you already have everything you want, then there’s nothing for you to do but stay on that trajectory. Do this long enough and you would qualify to be a great teacher or mentor for others who could benefit by learning from you. In other words, you are poised to be an Expert or Influencer or even a Thought Leader.

The point of showing you these examples is to think about what trajectory are you on. If you’re only dreaming about what you want or find yourself complaining about what you have, your trajectory could be flat-lined giving you more of the same. Time will pass. You will get older. By not doing anything about your dreams or complaints you will continue to live with those dreams or complaints. Nothing more. Nothing less.


As David Bowie says in his song Young Americans,

“We live for just these twenty years

Do we have to die for the fifty more?”


It takes humans approximately two decades to mature (and that’s questionable for some of us 🙂 Generally speaking, after two decades on the planet, you are asked to choose a life path. Once a path is chosen, most people don’t shift much further beyond the trajectory they lay down. (Thankfully) we are seeing a shift as people are taking bigger risks, making change whether of their own volition or because of change occurring around them.

Based on my experience working with really smart and successful people there’s a lot of room to grow to reach a level of success that gives us the degree of fulfillment we strive to have, the way we want to have it. For many achievers, that’s FREEDOM.


I’m including a free report for you to download that will get you thinking and moving in a slightly different direction. It’s called 5 Unusual Things To Do For Success in 2018.

This report will give you some options to get you more in line with success, no matter where you’re starting from. I recommend you use this information to push your energy across the threshold of your starting line.


Get the momentum activated and let’s see where you’ll end up by the end of this year.



Remember what David Bowie said,

“We live for just these twenty years

Do we have to die for the fifty more?”


There’s no need to be the walking dead. You can make a shift by getting your life into Success Alignment™ by doing what you are meant to do. Your life is meant to be used. There is something specifically for you to accomplish with your time here. You can relive the same year twenty times over, or you can make every year matter. That’s a personal call only you can make.

Whether you achieve success with fulfillment or by following a familiar path based on what you thought you should do directly impacts the degree of satisfaction and contentment you have.

The difference is you. It’s always you.




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