Summertime and the living is easy.  We all like to slow down a little during the summer months. As we unplug from the daily hustle, we seek to have more fun, more family time and enjoy more of the good life we work so hard to have.  I love summer.


I spent most of my life in a four-season climate. Summers were always special to me. There was a playfulness in the air. You felt a sense of freedom and creativity.  Somehow, those summer months seemed to linger longer than any other season.  The days were full yet there was a lot of leisure time. I could feel an elevated vibrancy in my energy but also an increased willingness to lay still in the middle of the day.


There are so many things to do during the summer you just don’t get a chance to or don’t think about in other seasons.  Some of my favorites were going to outdoor concerts, spending a day at the beach, campfires, biking, hiking, BBQ’s and of course eating ice cream.


Summer was also a time when I could lounge and read without feeling stressed, pressured or guilty.  I don’t know what it is about summer that allowed me this freedom, but it placed reading high up on my list of summer memories I cherish.


Today, I enjoy a lot more reading all year long.  Yet, it still feels special when I take my book (yes, I prefer the printed version) outdoors with me along with a beverage. While I enjoy the sun, my preference is to lounge under a large patio umbrella.  And while I still love the beach, I do most of my lounging by the pool. (As I’ve matured, comfort has risen high up my priority list.)


No matter how you do summer or where you like to spend your day, I hope you’ll add reading to your list of favorite activities. Not only will you be entertained and informed, but you’ll keep your mind fresh and sharp, ready to step up your success game when the time is right.


For now, I’ve pulled together a few summer reading lists that caught my attention.  My genre of choice is non-fiction typically in the categories of Business, Growth, Leadership, Personal Development, Success and Human Behavior.  I wanted to share these lists with you in case you’re looking for a good book or few to enjoy your summer with while filling up your mind and feeding your desire to optimize your life.


Not sure where to start?  I have some tips at the bottom of the lists to help you decide which book(s) to choose.






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  1. Review the lists and notice what jumps out at you
  2. Notice which books repeat themselves on all the lists
  3. Choose a book that speaks to an area you want to develop
  4. Choose an interesting topic outside of your regular reading style
  5. Pick an author whose name you recognize
  6. Choose a topic that speaks directly to your success goals
  7. Pick a subject you know you need to develop, but shy away from
  8. Pick the #1 and #2 books from a list that’s of interest to you
  9. Read the book you’ve been meaning to read for a long time
  10. Check out book reviews and go with their recommendations.  This article provides 10 different resources;  10 Best Book Recommendation Sites You Need To Know


It doesn’t matter whether you buy paperbacks, hardcovers, kindle versions, classics or today’s bestsellers.  Choose a book you find interesting or helpful, figure out how you like to read and make time to read regularly this summer.  Find a great place where you get to relax and be undisturbed if you can.  And make this a great summer.



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Did you pick a book from any of these lists?  I’d love to hear from you.  Which one(s) did you choose?  Click on the button above to post it on my Facebook page and tell me why you choose it.


Happy Reading!





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