Yesterday was  INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS. This campaign is a global celebration to mark this United Nations global event.


In this post, I’m going to leave you with several resources to ignite your happiness and direct you toward creating your own success.

And, when you scroll down to the bottom of the post, you’ll see an opportunity for you to finally have the success you desire by stepping up and seriously doing something about it.  No more ‘trying’ or ‘playing small’.  You can have the success you want and I want to see that you get it.  I want you to accept my invitation below.


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This article is from Success Magazine.  It shares quotes to inspire your happiness.

17 Quotes to Help You Find Your Happiness


And the good folks at have put together a free Happiness Guidebook packed full of ideas and actions for you to create a happier life.
Grab your copy here,


I recently released a blog titled  ‘GOTTA HAVE FUN’.

See the blog here,


Richard Branson shares his list of 65 Things that Make Him Happy

I love this. Notice the mix of projects dear to his heart, personal pleasures, complex issues and simplicity, things that cost a lot and things we get to experience absolutely free if we allow ourselves to see them.

What would it take for you to create your own list of 65? Go ahead, see what you come up with. I guarantee you’ll come away feeling great.



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There’s a realization that the uber Successful all come to at some point.  Success the way most of us are programmed to strive for by our accomplishments and how much money we make, is in and of itself not enough.

At some point, even those with great accomplishments shift gears and strive for something different.  That something different is what I call meaningful success.  It’s meaningful because it’s a lot more personal.  It’s personal because it’s more reflective of the person behind the success.  That’s the legacy work we do at 3C Fusion.  It’s our focus to develop your legacy and have you live in Success Alignment™.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels to have the success you want,

If you’re not sure about what you have to offer,

If you’re ready to leave your mark on the world,

Then let’s get together on the phone – you and me personally – for a Vision To Success strategy call.  It’s by application only.  Not everyone will qualify, but I encourage you to complete the application.  That process alone will give you great insight.

This is open to the first 6 qualified applicants only.  Unfortunately because of my schedule, I am not in a position to provide more at this time.  Once these 6 spots are filled, they’re gone.

If this speaks to you, if you feel the urge to ignite your success to a new level, if you want to bust out of your current circumstances to have a greater life, send in the application now.  Let’s take a look at what your next best move is.

Just click through the link below, complete the application in full and send it to me right away.  Remember, there are only 6 openings.  Send your application in now and let’s get SUCCESSFULLY HAPPY!


There’s plenty here for you to be able to go out and GET HAPPY NOW!
No one can do it for you.  It’s up to you to go and get it.


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