With just over 32 million views, her 2012 Talk is the 2nd most-viewed in Ted’s history.

Why the interest?

That talk was called YOUR BODY LANGUAGE SHAPES WHO YOU ARE and we were interested to find out how.


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I had the good fortune to see Amy Cuddy speak on this topic recently as she’s rolling out the release of her new book.

In the first statement of the first chapter, she says,

We know it when we feel it, and we know it when we see it,

 but presence is hard to define.

And as she addressed in her talk,

Presence is one of the hardest things to do.

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Bringing Your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges



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Yet in a very brief recap, she was able to convey presence as including these 3 elements,

  1. Believing your own story
  2. Conveying confidence without being arrogant
  3. Communicating harmoniously


Presence is closely linked to how powerful you feel. When you feel powerful, you will seek out or act on opportunity more readily. You have a positive outlook. You show up authentically as you have a greater capacity to reveal yourself and you are willing to be seen.

Feeling powerless is exactly the opposite.




The body reveals which of these two camps we lay in. It’s not taught. It shows up naturally. We see it in the animal kingdom very clearly.

People do this too.


PowerPose People


As humans, we have the capacity to learn it and manipulate it.


The powerful body is expanded, takes up space and is open.

The powerless physique closes in on itself, making itself smaller, closed off. Just think of how a dog tucks its tail between its legs when it cowers.


In her studies, Amy saw that it was already evident that the body responds to the mind’s cues, but Amy wanted to know if it worked the other way around. Could the body’s cues get the mind to respond? Her research shows that it can.

By holding what Amy calls a Power Pose (think Wonder Woman) for as little as 30 seconds, you can feel more powerful, confident and assertive. She recommends holding a pose for two minutes. These poses increase testosterone and decrease cortisol levels, which are two indicators found in high-power people.


For more poses, watch the Ted Talk here,


One of the most universally recognized expressions of power shown through the body is the Victory pose. You can see it here as Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, wins his race.


PowerPose Usain Bolt


The arms are raised up in a V, the chin is lifted and the mouth is open. A blind person that has never seen will strike this same pose when winning a competition.

Here’s a really big key for using the power of this pose. The time to strike one is prior to going into an event, or into a meeting or giving a speech, not during.

It’s not going to feel natural at first, but Amy suggests to ‘Fake It Until You Become It’, which is quite different than the adage of ‘Fake It Till You Make It’.


Another useful way to use this pose is when you’re waking up, even before you get out of bed. Uncurl and open up the body with a big, wide open stretch to set you up for your day.


The power pose is a simple, effective and, yup – powerful technique to give your confidence a boost and help you feel like you have a place at the table.

Next time you need to make a powerful impact, strike a pose.


PowerPose Wonder Woman


Amy has shown us that having Presence is a contributing factor to your level of confidence. At 3C Fusion, CONFIDENCE is one of the elemental markers of Success.

You can get access to THE CONFIDENCE CHALLENGE ebook, which provides you with 15 different challenges that stretch your level of confidence that include the use of the body as Amy suggests, the mind and ways to strategically position yourself for success.



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I couldn’t end this blog without adding this piece. During her presentation, Amy showed a Youtube video of the New Zealand Rugby Team at the onset of the final Rugby World Cup 2011 game. It’s real and it’s hilarious. Guess who won?


PowerPose New Zealand Rugby Team 2011

Watch video here,



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