I had to do it.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. My Stylist and I had been together for nearly 20 years. She took good care of me. She understood what I needed. She gave me what I needed. I was happy.

I followed her from place to place when she moved locations several times. I watched her business shrink and grow. I was with her through the birth of her second child. I knew her hobbies and interests.

Then for some unknown reason, we were no longer connecting.



Has that happened to you?

Things are clicking for so long, then something feels off and you can’t explain it.

I don’t know how it is for you, but for me (and I think I may be speaking for a lot of women), finding the right hair stylist is even more important than getting the right doctor. Call me naïve if you will, but getting the hair right is one of the greatest expressions of who you are.

I expect my doctor to be trained and verified by every standard requirement outlined by the governing bodies and regulatory statutes to qualify him or her for the position. The knowledge base is standard. The practices are regulated. The science is the same across the board. The recommendations and practices are virtually the same from doctor to doctor. I don’t particularly care if we become friends or friendly. When I need medical attention, I just want what I came for, then go home and we’re both done.

But a stylist, that’s a different ball game.

My stylist sees me regularly. She gets the inside scoop about who I am, my aspirations and what’s important to me. She needs to understand how I want to present myself to the world and why that’s important to me. She then needs to have the skill set of translating that into a cut, color and style that best represents me. That’s a tall order.



So I found myself in a dilemma. I didn’t want to find a new stylist, yet I couldn’t ignore the fact that I was no longer getting what I need from my existing one. I regularly brought in photos, I talked about color, I explained what I needed for my professional image and how it needed to be easy to fit into my lifestyle. And now, I wasn’t getting the expression of what I was asking for.

I had been deliberating over this for the last 4 cuts. I was holding on to a hope that it was just a blip. I wanted it to get better and I wanted to give it a chance. But in the end, the price was too high to stay. It was time. And I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

I didn’t know what my options were. It’s not like I had an alternative on my list to turn to. It’s not like I had a girlfriend who could give me a recommendation. I had to start from scratch.

I expanded my search to a larger, neighboring city. I conducted my search over the internet. [Feeling so lucky to have this resource.] I found several options – many quite impressive. I checked out how they presented themselves, where they were located, how long they were in business, how many staff they had and what they were offering. Not an easy decision because I still didn’t know what the actual skill set was and whether I would have a connection with them.

All things being equal, one company stood out for me. It wasn’t about the accolades, it wasn’t about the size of their staff, it wasn’t about how long they were in business. Of course they did have to pass the qualifications box on my checklist to be considered. They did. What it came down to in the end was what they stood for. And they proudly displayed it in the company name – i.d. HAIR STUDIO. I knew that they get it.

This is the sign you’ll see when you visit the salon.



Pretty amazing, right?


What about you?

Where is it that you’re holding onto something that’s just not working?

What are you living with that you’re hoping will turn itself around?

What are you not doing because you’re ‘trying to make things right?’

What are you avoiding because it might take some effort?

What are you not allowing yourself because it will require an adjustment?


In my upcoming IGNITE YOUR PASSIONS program, we address how to increase passion in your life to create a life you love on your terms.

Stepping into your passions requires a bold step. It means you’ll have to let go of some things you feel you need. It means you’ll have to take a close look at what’s working and what isn’t. It means you’ll have to get honest with yourself and be brave enough to do things a little different than you’ve been used to. And when you get it right, the results are amazing.



Making a bold move doesn’t always require you to jump off a cliff. Start with the things you’re already doing. If they’re not working, address it. Sometimes, that’s the most difficult move of all. The IGNITE YOUR PASSIONS program will help you to identify those areas and take you through a process of making your passions a priority.

So this blog wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have you meet Shawn Beaudry-Creative Director and Bobbi-Jo Eady-Senior Stylist, my new Hair Specialists Team. From the moment I arrived in their salon, they had my back. As I tried to over-explain myself, they gave me assurance that they would take care of me. Not just to appease me, but by recognizing my concerns and understanding what I needed. I surrendered and put myself in their hands.

They did not disappoint.



Not only were they able to understand what I wanted, they were able to advise me and give me what I needed. Their passion translates through the work they do. It’s what drives them to be their best. And guess who benefits? We all do. I get the benefit of their passion in action and they get the benefit of doing work that gives them great satisfaction. I’m loving my new team!


I’m passionate about being passionate. I’m lucky to have found a way to express that through my work as a Success Alignment™ Expert. I get to help people become their best selves. I help them to identify and do their best work. I get to help them become Experts to make the biggest impact they can and leave a lasting footprint they get to call their legacy. Passion is an intricate part of living life at its best.



Making a bold move isn’t easy. Taking a passionate stance isn’t always pretty. But making the right move at the right time for the right reason is necessary for success and growth. I’m grateful to have made the move regarding my Hair Team. They are an important part of my wellbeing. Having the right expression of who I am represented in this way gives me greater confidence to do my work developing Experts.

When I feel good, I do better. I’m feeling good!










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