Josie Tytus, cpcS

josietytusJosie Tytus is the founder of 3C FUSION where leaders and high achievers go to add meaning, passion and success to their life. Using the concepts of 3C FUSION SUCCESS COACHING™ as the foundational work, Josie has developed programs and processes to accelerate desired results for achievement of success and absolute joy.

Josie’s background includes working with top corporate executives to the solopreneur to those ready to take charge of their life. Her training started at the age of 3 as she witnessed her own family business flourish. Her successes range from creating jobs that never existed in order to suit her lifestyle, to landing management positions in industries she had no experience in. What she did consistently is move into positions of leadership.

Her 25 years of experience in the corporate world encompasses roles as a Retail Manager of a Flagship store, Product Category Buyer of a National Catalogue chain, Expansion of the Family Business, Conference Sales Manager for Corporate Events, General Manager of a Business Newspaper. She even had a few attempts as an entrepreneur. But her biggest role ever – being a mom.

The really tough work began when her twenty-year marriage ended abruptly. Without a job or a clue as to what to do next, set her on the voyage of her life to discover what she was truly all about. What she discovered would change the trajectory of her life forever, taking her out of Conflict, Chaos and Confusion into a life of Clarity, Consciousness and Confidence. That’s how 3C FUSION emerged.

Josie is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), NLP Master Practitioner (Neurolinguistic Programming), an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and a Licensed Passion Test Facilitator™.

Josie’s mission is to awaken your Vision to what’s possible, ignite your passions, and design a powerful life that takes you to your optimal level of meaningful success.