Josie Tytus is a Success Alignment™ Expert and founder of 3C FUSION an organization developing Experts, Influencers and Thought Leaders who desire to make their mark on the world.

The Success Alignment™ brand conveys the high degree of quality and integrity required to carry the status of Expert, Influencer or Thought Leader.

Josie’s passion for entrepreneurship began while growing up in a family business. When that business was turned over to her sibling, she turned her focus to the corporate world as an Executive where she would spent the next 25 years learning various business models and broadening her world view.

It was here that Josie discovered a new passion in the world of speakers, trainers, and events. She turned in her corporate badge to form a speakers bureau featuring 150 prominent Experts and Speakers serving on a global platform. She was in her element.

The rest of Josie’s life, however, did not agree with her aspirations, so she abandoned the very thing that made her feel alive. Soon afterward, her life served up a series of life-altering events that left Josie in disbelief, grief and in a state of utter despair. This set her on a hero’s journey until she would no longer accept how things had been and became determined to live a life of success on her terms.

With much introspection (which she calls her incubation period of 7 years), extensive research and learning everything she could about what it takes to be the Expert, Influencer or Thought Leader in today’s over-crowded world, she emerged wiser, highly skilled and ready to mentor the next generation of Experts, Influencers and Thought Leaders.

Josie understands the struggles and challenges that accompany aspirations, entrepreneurship and living in the shadow of successful parents. Her expertise and devotion to your success are woven throughout the services and programs designed to elevate your success. The Success Alignment™ brand exemplifies the very principles of the Clarity, Consciousness and Confidence model of Success Josie discovered in her journeys. These are the 3 C’s that constitute 3C FUSION.

Today, Josie works with Experts, Influencers and Thought Leaders (both emerging and established) to bring them into alignment with what you as an Expert are meant to do.


The Success Alignment™ brand is for those who want to attain a life of meaningful success. Josie’s mission is to awaken your Vision to what’s possible, ignite your passions, and help you live the legacy that gives you the privilege of enjoying a life that matters.

Josie is a Two-Time Bestselling Author, Speaker, Certified Professional Coach (CPC), NLP Master Practitioner and a Licensed Passion Test Facilitator. When she’s not walking the beach or riding her 10-speed, she’s operating her business between Ontario and Florida.