You want to become an Expert at what you do. Or maybe you’re already on your Expert path. Becoming an Expert is a journey that’s going to require all of you to participate,





It’s going to require you to be more than you currently are.

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The path to success does not follow a straight line. It’s going to ebb and flow. It’s going to test you along the way. It’s going to require you to be strong so that you can combat the hard times that are going to show up for you, those challenges that are going to be unexpected.

You need to be prepared both internally and externally.


A few years back, I had my own life crisis. It really took a toll on me.

In that time, I had lost my own family. I lost my finances. I lost the future I had been anticipating and planning for. And I lost my sense of self. This period of time took me through a depression. I withdrew from everybody including my extended family, my friends and all social aspects of my life.

I had zero motivation to do anything and I was stressed all the time. There was a lot of stress. How that showed up for me in a physical sense, is that I ended up with a lot of weight gain like I had never experienced in my life before. I had never had that challenge, that issue.

I ended up in this place where I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. I started to question everything. I questioned every thing. I had to redefine life itself. I had to redefine my life.

I knew that in order to get me out of where I was, I had to get strong.


Getting strong can take many forms. The easiest one that you can control and see immediate results in, is in your physical one.

Recently, I lost eight pounds. It’s a start. It feels good. And I do have a ways to go yet. I invite you to join me on this path of getting to your best physical self as we become Experts.


Becoming an Expert is going to require you to have a lot of energy and vitality, especially if you have a big mission and a big vision for your life of what you’re wanting to do out there as an Expert.

I wanted to bring this to your attention because I’m going to be talking to you about this physical aspect of ourselves a lot more as we are becoming Experts. It is such a critical component for you to be able to do your work out in the world and be your best self, that includes your physical self.


In the meantime, watch the video again with a fresh set of ears. Consider where it is you are with your physical self.

Are you doing what you can to be in optimal health?

Are there areas for you to improve?

Do you want more vitality?

Do you need more vitality in your life?

Consider these questions for yourself because having the awareness of it is the beginning of everything.





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