If you tune into any of the business advice being dished out today, you’ll get an array of differing, even overlapping points of view.


They’re compelling. They’re shiny. They appear to be brand new. They’re sexy. And if you follow the advice, it could be the worst thing you do. Every platform wants you to favor them for your business.


Just turn on your computer and you’ll hear them shouting,


  • do Insta Stories
  • churn out content every day
  • post to Facebook 4x a day
  • now do Facebook Live
  • blog
  • host webinars
  • sell a program without actually having one
  • it’s all about podcasting


The flood of varying advice is relentless and much of it useless, unless you understand your business and develop a model that works for you. You could spend days, weeks or months following advice and never get to a place where you understand what’s best for your business.



It’s true, we live in a connected world. Yes, there are platforms that can help us to expand our reach at a reasonable or no-cost dollar investment. And yes, you can spend the most valuable resource you have spinning your wheels in every direction trying to figure out what to do.


Your time is too precious to be experimenting. And it’s even more critical that you don’t succumb to the next ‘flash’ experiment that comes down the pipe promising the path to everlasting success. You have to protect your business and how you manage your time.


Remember Periscope? What ever happened to it? In early 2015 it was the latest thing we were told ‘you have to do’.   I actually purchased a training program from a successful mentor about how to do Periscope. I never used it. When it came out, it was touted as the latest and greatest thing sure to do wonders for your business. Now, no one (that I know) even mentions it. How much time and effort was invested in that resource?


The reality is no one has the answers yet. All of the platforms, all of the technology are still evolving. So there is no ‘one-right’ solution. There is no ‘one-right’ strategy. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.



The only thing certain today is that to be in business you have to have an online presence. Whether you’re a personal brand, a service business or an Expert. How and where you show up online is what you have to determine. YOU need to drive the business. YOU need to determine how to best represent the business online. YOU need to determine which business model is going to be most effective for your business. And YOU have to train people where to find you.


This takes some work. It takes some risk. But when you align your business identity with the right platforms, your potential clients will follow you there.


The hardest part is choosing where to invest your business efforts online and stick to it long enough to develop a presence.


The platforms and the trainers that use them are going to be pushing for your attention. You want to make informed decisions before diving in. What you want to watch out for are the following promises,


“Everybody’s doing it.”

Follow the monkey is never a viable business strategy.

“It’s free.”

Is it really? How do you value your time?

“You’ll get massive views. It’s easy.”

It won’t matter if it’s not reaching your paying customers.


Every business needs a strategy. Every business needs to have visibility. No business will survive attempting to do all strategies all the time. No business will survive if it experiments with differing strategies for brief periods before moving on to the next one. And no business will survive if it becomes someone else’s guinea pig.


You are going to try new strategies as you develop and grow your business. New apps or platforms are going to present themselves. Know your goals, know your options and understand your time / energy / investment limitations.


Have a firm grip on what you’re trying to accomplish. Learn about your options and align with the one(s) that are the best fit for your business. Then commit to that strategy for a season or a year. Only if obvious reasons come up, make adjustments during that time, but keep your focus on your outcome, not just your wishful thinking.


Your online success is going to take shape when you drive the system. Work with the platforms that support and represent your business in the best light. Then, teach your clients how to engage with you online. If they love what you do, they’ll come looking for you.

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