This is a perfect depiction of how people live their lives – they make decisions based on what they don’t want, instead of choosing what they do want.


This week, the sitting party in Canada was overthrown in an overwhelming majority vote to change gears. Much of the commentary and blatant admission heard over and over again was that people voted based on getting rid of the current leader. What a lousy way to live your life. What you end up with are the scraps.

I’m not saying that we’re getting scraps with this new leadership – that is yet to be determined. I’m hopeful in this new leadership.

Here’s a Huffington Post article with a little insight about the new Prime Minister,


What I am saying is that a better way to go about having a great life is to make informed decisions and CHOOSE what you know will serve you, your family and your community at large in the best possible way with what you currently have. Get behind your decisions.

This is a much more powerful way to affect the results you generate.


Imagine if the voters claimed to want the new leadership voted into office. What would that look like? Imagine if you rallied around the vision of that office. How would you feel about that leadership? I’m guessing you’d have a different outlook and a lot more hope about your future and the future of the country.


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Let’s get back to you.


Notice all the times you make such decision in your job, your relationships, your finances, your parenting. Operating from a level of decision-making based in ‘getting rid of something’ positions you in a place of effect, when that choice comes with a default that falls in your lap, meaning you have little control over what you’re creating.

The next time you have a decision to make, consider these questions,

  1. Am I choosing a solution that I want or am I voting against something?
  2. What choice do I have to make in order to get the outcome that I want?
  3. What is the consequence of the choice I’m making?


Putting yourself in a controlling position when it comes to making decisions empowers you to develop a life and lifestyle that you want.

CHOOSE your life, don’t settle for the scraps. Stop focusing on what you want to get rid of. Put your energy in what you want to create. The things you no longer need will fall away without much effort.




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