When I cut through to my clients deepest desires, we usually end up at a place where they realize what they really want is to be happy. That’s when our real work begins to redefine what a happy life looks like for them as an Expert so we can strategize the best way to build it.


A key ingredient is to inject joy into the way we go about identifying each stage. Joy is something that either shows up in unexpected ways through new experiences or it’s something that you can generate by making a point to include it in your daily activities. One of the ways I do this is to run a joy inventory.


You can do this for yourself. Start with making a list of 10 things you already have or know about that lights you up on the inside. This shouldn’t be hard to do. One thing that is certain, you know joy intimately. Write down your list. Journal about each one. And sit down on purpose from time to time to add new things to this list. Let the joy pour over you.


Whenever you want to increase your joy, you just need to think about what’s on that list. It’s like magic.


Here’s a sample of what’s on my list in no particular order. Feel free to borrow any that speak to you. And post your favorite in the comment box at the bottom of this blog.





Placing a checkmark on my TO DO list.





The smell of just cut grass.






The ‘cougaresque’ arms on Michael Keeton’s new glasses.






Puppies – always puppies.






A favorite movie that stirs my emotions – good or bad.






The warmth of a towel just pulled out of the dryer.







An inspired idea that takes root.






A purged closet.





Receiving the latest issue of my favorite magazines.






Seeing someone I care for feeling happy.






Joy is an emotion. An emotion is something you can stimulate through your thoughts. You have the ability to bring more of the emotions you want to experience every day simply by taking some time to bring it to your awareness.


Want more joy? Recognize what brings you joy.


Once you curate an inventory of joy, you have it forever.




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