Just because someone buys a book, doesn’t make it a good book.


Just because someone goes to see a movie, doesn’t make it a good movie.


Just because there is a new restaurant opening, doesn’t make it a good restaurant.


So, how do you know if it’s a worthwhile investment?



You might assume that a new launch is going to be something special because you hear a lot about it. We all do it. Your curiosity is peaked. A recommendation seems like a sure thing. A big budget movie seems to promise an entertaining experience. A new restaurant provides the hope of having another option for a good time.


The hype or the ‘newness’ gives you the sense that there is something amazing about to happen or to change your life for the better. You want these situations to work out.


The reality is, it cannot become amazing until you experience it for yourself. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t.




Have you ever read a ‘recommended’ book only to force your way through the first few pages? You believed the book title and recommendation would find a solution to your problem, but the information falls flat.


Did you ever see a movie that didn’t live up to your expectations? You heard it was #1 at the box office this weekend, so you interpreted that to mean it’s a guaranteed good time.


Were you ever underwhelmed at a new restaurant because there was nothing really ‘new’ about it?


You’ve likely experienced one or all of these at some point.




A few things are at play here that determine your personal experience.


  1. We all have our personal preferences. What one person likes may not be what you like. Your friend might be all about sushi, while you’re all meat and potatoes. No matter how good the sushi, you’ll never like it.


  1. We all have different interests. Your idea of going to a movie might be to laugh and relieve the stress of your week. Your friend might need to be stimulated by violence or excitement after spending his week working a boring job. Even if that movie wins the Oscar, it’s not your cup of tea.


  1. We are all at different stages of our development. Someone just starting on their success path will be at a completely different juncture than you if you’ve been on the path for several years. While your next goal may be to get the Audi (metaphorically speaking), your friend doesn’t even own a car yet.




It’s quite common for the individual starting out on their path to success to eat at the buffet. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. You’re amazed at how much candy there is and you want to sample all of it. Eventually, you’ll eat enough candy to distinguish your preferences. Until finally, you know what you like. You will only buy what you like and you’re willing to pay more for the best quality you can afford in that category.


We live in a very fortunate time where we have access to so much information, variety, and options. Learning to distinguish your preferences is part of your path to success. Not only does it enrich the quality of your life, it allows you to define who you are.



This is key for Experts to understand. Not all potential clients are YOU’RE potential clients. Keep these factors in mind as they are critical to an Expert’s success.


Be clear about your expertise. Clients need to be able to easily identify what you do.


Know who you’re serving. Clients need to know that you have the ability to serve them based on where they are.


Let them see you. Clients want to connect with someone they feel gets them.


Trying to capture all people, of all interests, from all levels not only confuses your potential buyer but takes you out of the Expert realm.


Trying to be something you’re not will reveal how little you understand about being an Expert. It makes people run in the opposite direction to avoid you at all costs.


Be specific about who you are as an Expert. Be realistic about who you are as an Expert. Then develop yourself to exceed your own expectations.




There’s a lot of noise out there today. Everybody’s trying to be louder than the next guy. There are more recommendations, hype, and options today than we’ve ever experienced.


As an Expert, you do need to be seen, heard and easily identified.


As an Expert, you need to surpass expectations as they learn more about you.

As an Expert, you’ll want to overwhelm them with excitement about their potential.


As an Expert, you want to help them understand you know the path to get them there. Not through hype, but with genuine, practical and valid Expertise.


Once someone experiences you as an Expert, you’ll want them to know the risk they took was worth every dollar and every minute of their time invested.


As an Expert, it’s not about whether they recommend you or not. If what you’re doing is effective, they’ll come back to buy from you again. When that happens, other people learn about you. And that secures your spot as ‘the EXPERT’ everyone wants to know.


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