What do you do?


Who do you do it for?


What’s your why?


Any answer you give likely involves people in some capacity.  Without people, those questions are moot.  People are a reason problems exist and solutions are created.  So, let’s face it, in business you need people.  Ok, simple enough.


The way to get to those people is through some sort of connection.  It could be through a referral, through marketing efforts, or through an established platform. It’s possible they sought you out or stumbled across you in an article.  They may have learned about you at an event or joined a group you belong to.  Whichever way they made the link, a connection has been established and the potential to do business together opens up.


In terms of success, connection to people is just one of 3 types of connections you need.  In the context of this article, success goes far beyond meeting your corporate objectives or exceeding sales.  Success includes reaching those goals as well as finding fulfillment in the work you do and having the ability to live the lifestyle you desire to have shared with the people who bring you the most joy.  With that understanding, let me continue.


To have the success you want, you need a connection with:

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  • Your Self
  • Others
  • Your Work






Connection with your Self is the most fundamental and crucial of all connections.  Simply pushing yourself toward success to achieve notable accomplishments misses the mark, every time.  Connection with the Self allows you to bring out the best in you, which means you’ll be able to tap into a purpose that lights up your life.  When you’re lit up, you have the power to light up the world around you.


At some point, you will experience a need to make a connection with that which is greater than you.  It may come in the form of inner guidance, an intuitive pull or a need to figure out your place in this world.  Finding and connecting with this part of you brings great solace and tremendous strength to forge ahead, even if you’re not sure where it’s taking you. This connection is personal and only to be understood by you.


Connection with the Self requires taking responsibility for the life and work you were intended for.  How you navigate your way through circumstances, the way you show up, how you manage your life demands leadership.  Self Leadership is a skill that needs to be developed if you are to maximize the potential you were given.





Without people in your life, life would be hollow. While most problems you encounter stem from a connection to people, you wouldn’t want to live without them.  In fact, you couldn’t.  You need them.  You need them for your wellbeing.  And you need them to be able to do your work.


We place others into categories to manage and make sense of our lives.


There are those that we love, be it our significant other, our offspring, our families or the people we choose to call friends.


There is a group of people we need in order to operate our lives, that without them, life would be much more complicated. These are the service professionals you hire, those who deliver supplies like groceries or gas, and those who take care of things you simply take for granted, like the roads we drive on.  These are the folks you are least connected to.


And then you have a group of people that you provide value or service to, most often expressed by the work you do.


Without others, it may be impossible to know love.  Without others, it may be impossible to produce your best work.  Without others, it may be impossible to know what it feels like to matter.  You stand to experience tremendous joy within these groups when you take care of and appreciate them.  One way to do that is through connection.  One thing I know for sure, if you take care of them by bringing your best Self, you’ll be taken care of.





Beyond survival and reproduction, humans come with built-in desires.  The desire to produce.  The desire to create.  The desire to contribute.  The desire to evolve.  We get to fulfill those desires through our work.


In return, we have a desire to be valued.  We have a desire to be paid fairly for the work we produce.  We all want the opportunity to do work that gives us great pleasure while being valued and handsomely rewarded.  While it is possible to obtain, it’s not where most of us live.


Getting to do the work you were meant for is work in itself.  It’s not very likely you were shown how to find or develop that type of work, yet it’s the work we crave.  Instead, you were groomed to find a job so that you could pay your bills.  That’s one way to do life, but it’s not the only way. And if you’re reading this, I would assume it’s not your preferred way.





There is an awakening across the globe of people trying to figure this out.  Maybe you recognize yourself in that statement.  Maybe you feel the longing of it.  The most important and most rewarding work you can do is to figure it out.


Doing work you are meant for is the contribution you get to make.  It’s where you can make the biggest difference.  If executed well, it’s where you’ll leave your mark on the planet and where you’ll find your significance.


It takes connection with your Self, with Others and with the Work you are meant for, to reap the rewards of living your best life. Connecting these forces brings you closer to the reason you’re here.  An excess in any one area will throw you off balance and repel your best opportunities.  A lack in any area produces unnecessary suffering and hardship.


The harmony of these 3 types of connection brings you closer to being in Success Alignment®?.  Success Alignment®? helps you connect your Truth, which connects with your Awareness, which connects with your Effort.  Being in Success Alignment®? is when you get to do your best work, be valued for the work you do and generate the kind of success that makes you love your life.


We need people to provide value to in exchange for money, which gives us access to the quality of life we desire to have.  Connection helps us to get there.  When we consistently give our best, we evolve our best.  As we evolve our best, we narrow our expertise while simultaneously elevating our value.


Connection is a key factor in producing and living your success.



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