What Vision do you have for this next year, next decade, your legacy?

How old is your vision?

How much of it have you realized?


If you’re like a lot of people, you have the same dreams, the same aspirations in your vision that have been there for over a year, over 5 years or even more than 10 years. Ouch!!!

I know what that feels like. It sucks. You wonder why it works for everybody else, but not you. At least, that’s what it feels like. The truth is, it’s not working for a lot of people, just like you. I’m not saying this so that you can relax and breath easy. No. I’m saying this so that you don’t accept this as your reality. I want you to re-ignite the spark in you that created the vision in the first place. Only this time, I want you to do it differently.


Whether you’ve been working on your vision for years, creating vision boards or are new to the concept of holding a vision for yourself, pay close attention to what I’m sharing with you in this blog post. It could make the difference between you realizing your vision or remaining hopeful that it will happen some day.



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The mistake I see a lot of people make when creating a vision is they treat Vision like catalogue shopping. In fact, every Vision Board assignment I’ve ever been exposed to is exactly that. Get a pile of magazines, clip out the photos of the things you want to have, paste them on a board, look at it every day.

Most always, the board will be covered with the car they want, the perfect mate, perfectly behaved happy children, a sexy body, a dream home, dream vacations and there’s always a shot of having so much money you can afford to toss it around in the air.

Am I close?

These are all great things to have, but what I find missing in most people’s visions is who it is they are in the vision and how it is that they were able to come upon such a lifestyle. What’s missing in so many visions and vision boards is the person who created the fantasy. Yes, I said fantasy because for most people, that’s what these boards represent.

I’ve seen it far too often and I’ve experienced it myself.

Don’t get me wrong. I love vision boards. They are fun to make and they do work when used properly. But it is just the beginning. They are a great start to freeing up your mind to consider what you could have. I said could have. Where they fall short is on the congruency side of the equation. They falsely represent the person you are.



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Vision and vision boards on their own are no more effective that putting a recipe on your kitchen counter and coming back an hour later expecting to see a fully prepared meal waiting for you. The recipe doesn’t work until you work it.

And that’s my point for vision boards or any vision you have for your life. You have to work it or else it remains a vision ad infinitum.


You have put things in your vision that don’t yet exist for you. That means that what you currently do day to day does not support the vision – meaning that you have to do some things differently. It may be how you make money. It may be your current habits. It may be how you see yourself in this new vision. In any case, you have to figure out what that is to determine what you need to do about it.


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Whaaaat? Many people extrapolate a vision out of some concept they have of what makes for an exciting life, rather than exploring what would make their life exciting and expansive.

It’s not hard to understand why this happens. Today we are exposed to so much information, we learn about what other people are doing, we have access to experiences that were unheard of just a few short decades ago. So we adopt ideas and ideologies from exposure to media, movies or other people’s successes. It’s fine to use that to inspire you, but you cannot duplicate someone else’s life.

You have to find / make your own successes. A vision without you at the very core of it, is not your vision. Be absolutely certain whose ideas you’re putting in your vision.

Your life fulfillment is not a competition to be witnessed or a carbon copy of someone else’s joy. Your life fulfillment is something to be experienced by you, even if no one else gets to see it.





OK, I can’t help myself. I have so much to say about Vision. I’m going to give you a BONUS tip you can start with today.

I want you to set up a practice. Choose something you can do every day that’s going to strengthen, develop and move you toward your vision. Do it every day. No one got the gold medal by simply stating that’s what they wanted. They developed a practice that merged their vision, mentality, physicality and how they saw themselves living that vision.

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Every day you need to consciously and purposefully engage in your vision creation. For you, it could be developing a skill, it could mean researching, it could mean talking to other people you could learn from.

Start with one thing, then build on it. It takes more than one thing to get you there. Actively participate in turning your vision into your footprint. There’s a reason I use that as my tagline in my Success Alignment™ coaching practice. It’s how I work with my clients to activate their success.


When creating a vision, you need to think differently about how you show up in the vision you create.

A proper Vision is developed from your understanding of Success and how well you understand your Self.   How you define Success comes from how you see yourself at your best in it.


Vision on its own is just a fantasy. Work your vision and it will work for you.






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