1 Step Forward


Success never happens right away.


It takes time, effort, perseverance (and so much more). There is not only one recipe, one set of strategies or tactics to follow.  There are a myriad.  It’s complex and complicated.


Success begins when you make an informed move.  Sometimes it works out.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  But one thing I know for sure, if you never give it a shot, it never works out 100% of the time.


Imagine you have 31 flavors of ice cream in front of you. All of them are new.  Not all of them are appealing to you.  But ten are.  You pick one to sample.  It’s nothing like what you imagined.  If the experience was good, you’ll make a mental note and order it.  If it wasn’t, you’ll make a mental note never to have it again. Then you move on until you find one that satisfies you.



The risk factor in this example is very low.  But it draws a clear, simplistic picture of how stepping forward toward success works.


First, you find the things that you feel called to, are passionate about or are drawn to.


You pick the one that’s most appealing and offers the greatest potential and then you try it out in an intelligent way.


Based on the experience, you either continue in that direction or you use that experience to move onto the next thing.  It’s only when you give yourself the chance to test things out that you know whether it’s for you or not.


But what if you never sample any of them.  How would you even know if it’s for you?


You’ve been used to vanilla.  It’s what you’ve always had.  It’s not bad.  It satisfies a need.  You can continue on with just vanilla forever.  Nothing bad will happen because of it.


This is how many people approach life.  Nothing ventured.  Nothing gained.  To have success, to have a life of significance, to live like your time here mattered needs a different approach.


To reach levels of success that are meaningful to you requires you to step up to a bigger version of yourself.  It means being willing to do what most others are not willing to do.  It means working on your Self until you become aware of what it is you are meant to do. It means putting in the time, effort and persistence to keep going, until.



Some people aren’t even aware of the other flavors. They carry on oblivious.  And that’s good enough for them.  But you, you know there are other flavors out there.  You can’t ignore them.  The only thing standing between you and the other flavors is your willingness to take the first step forward.


If you recognize yourself as someone who senses there are other flavors available to you, yet you never seek them out, what’s stopping you?





After years of working with clients who want to have more success but can’t seem to get going, three key excuses come up repeatedly. These are the most common excuses that stop people from moving forward to a better life, to the very life they say they’re working towards.


I’m so busy.  I don’t have time.


No matter your stage in life, there are things you’re doing now that are time wasters.


An example of this is how you spend your downtime, like watching TV.  I enjoy a good series as much as the next guy.  Just be mindful of how much time you’re actually spending there.


Maybe you’re caught up needing to spend time on social media.  You start out with good intentions, and before you know it, you’ve been sucked down the internet black hole.


Or how often do you find yourself in activities because you’re guilted into doing things, but they don’t serve you and your greater vision?


It may be that you’re in the wrong job.  It’s a job that has nothing to do with your aspirations. You stay for the paycheck or maybe for the benefits, but it’s sucking the life out of you and keeping you from the life you really want.


To step forward, you have to be willing to identify these time wasters and swap them out for things that are going to move you forward toward the life of success you really want.


It’s going to cost me.  I don’t have the money.


What most people look at is the money coming out of their pocket.  They see a program or event they know will help them understand the industry they want to be a part of, but all they see is the price tag.


What they don’t evaluate is the cost of keeping the money in your pocket vs the investment of having information that’s going to help you make informed decisions about your future success.


Getting the right training, mentoring or coaching has the potential to accelerate your results much faster than if you have to figure it all out on your own.  If it moves you forward while minimizing risk, the ROI of these investments is exponential.


I don’t know if it’s right for me.


This is a classic example of someone that doesn’t have the confidence to do what they dream of having.  The dream is bigger than their desire to have it.


They’re not sure they have what it takes.  They doubt they have something valuable enough people would pay for.  It’s outside of their comfort zone.  They have no experience with it.  They compare themselves to others already doing this thing and struggle to see themselves doing it.  They may feel it’s already too late.  They don’t have people in their lives that understand their need to go for it.


The reality is, if they don’t try, they’ll never find out. If you’re feeling pulled to a bigger life, you owe it to yourself to go there.



Any one of these excuses is enough to stop people from doing anything at all.  That’s living with vanilla knowing there are other flavors to be savored.  That’s how the spinning lifecycle works (otherwise known as the hamster wheel).


Something inside you aches.  You go out searching – watch webinars, read books, listen to podcasts, attend events.  And that’s as far as you go.  You keep looking, searching, but never do anything with the information you gather. You get stuck in a loop that can go on for years, even decades until you run out of time.


What a shame that would be.


The only way to break this cycle is to take 1 Step Forward. You need to go from thinking to doing. From wishing to happening.  From wondering to exploring.  From exploring to discovering.  From discovering to becoming.





Vote for yourself.

Give yourself the credit you deserve.  You have more potential than your current conditions will have you believe.  The very fact that you’re here, reading this article, is evidence that you have something valuable to offer.  Your mission is to figure it out.  Give yourself permission to go there.


Take a risk.

Stepping into the unknown may seem a little scary, but you won’t know until you go there.  Just one step in a new direction is enough to change the trajectory of your life.  The results you see from taking the step may seem small at first, but over time, you’ll find yourself in a completely different location than if you had stayed where you are.



Be willing to be wrong.

Not every move is going to work out the way you hope it will.  The only way to find out is to test it out.  Just because it doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean it’s a failure.  If it doesn’t work out, it’s not failure, it’s information.


That information is what you need to keep you moving forward.  You now know what doesn’t work and are in a better position to move toward what will.  There’s a refining process that takes place when you step into a bigger life.  Work with the process.




One caveat here. Take 1 step forward without gambling away everything you already have.  Go as fast or slow as you need to.  You’ve spent a lifetime getting to where you are, you’re going to need some time to shift gears.


Not everyone can just step away from everything already going on in life.  You may have responsibilities, like people in your life who rely on you.  You may have debt that needs to be cleared up.  You have bills to pay.  Stepping forward does not mean you get to be irresponsible.


You’re going to take a step forward.  You’re going to need to make adjustments.  Put measures in place that allow you to grow as you continue to take care of things already belonging to you.  We’re talking about making progress as you shift closer to the success you desire.


There’s a maturity involved in having success.  Use your intelligence as you balance the period between exploration and transition.





Making a decision to work toward the success you desire is where success begins.  Taking 1 step forward is how success is created.


Success is a culmination of many ingredients.  It’s also the accumulation of many steps. Each step is significant.  Each one matters.  The only time it doesn’t count is when you can’t count them.  If you’re not taking steps to have the success you want, the success you want will always just live in your imagination.


It’s not until you take the first step that you have the ability to make a footprint.  The footprint you make is the legacy you create.  Be mindful of the footprint you’re leaving behind.


Your footprint is the expression of your life. It moves in a forward direction, while it leaves an impression behind.  That’s powerful.  Our mission at 3C FUSION is to help you


‘Turn Your Vision Into Your Footprint’


It’s your life.  It’s your legacy.  1 step forward will take you there.



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